Year-end budgets to spend — Make a change

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Not so fast

For many leaders in business December brings the end of the fiscal year. With that comes the challenge of balancing the books for last year and projecting forward for next. How to spend your money? Where to invest?

Did the year disappoint? Was there more you wanted to do? Does your change agenda involve many disparate and confusing things that you feel may overwhelm you?

That’s often not a feeling that makes the end of the year a happy one. We flee the office on holiday hoping the mess will come clear over the break.  And sometimes it does.

Here’s an alternate take however:

Why not do something that takes a big bite out of the elephant? Why not plan for organisational change management help in the new year?

Would you like to:

  • Create a clearer view of what needs to be delivered next year?
  • Prioritise your plans to ensure that people (including you) can actually achieve them?
  • Measure your organisation’s ability to deliver change – so you have robust data to share?
  • Build skills in the business to manage change better?
  • Create a Change Leadership programme to help your executives lead change properly?
  • Finally address the issue of company culture, in a constructive and measurable way?

And more. Getting the year off to a well-planned and coherent start will make next year the year of success that you want it to be.

Maybe that budgeting exercise isn’t as painful as you thought?

We can help.


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Download PDF

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