Work is not important

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ON THE 220 — I think I missed my calling. I should have been an evangelical preacher. I’d be good. And you get to wear coloured dresses. And talk about what is really important. Like why we are here.

And I know we are not here “to work”.

Yes, work is something we all have to do. And we can make a difference to the world through work… In fact, we can’t not make a difference to the world at work. All human activity has an impact on the world. And, if driven properly and effectively, work should allow you to really get involved in changing the world some way.

I can talk about that for days. Work should be about making our labours useful, fulfilling and relevant.

But that’s not what’s bugging me today.

Today is the matter of perspective.

I have to be home early on Monday because my wife is singing at a memorial service for a young mom who died suddenly recently. She had young kids, was in here late 30s or early 40s. She lived on our street.

Another friend of my wife lost her husband suddenly while pregnant with their third child. She’s now carefully but forcefully pushing a wonder product that he developed before he died.

And it’s not just mortality. It’s everything else. It’s the chance to talk with your dad. It’s the lazy afternoon with cool rosé. Etc. Etc.

It’s not really about work. Work is what we do to allow us to do all that other stuff.

If work is keeping you up at night or the only subject of conversation for you… Get a hobby.

Here are some suggestions:
— get a pet snake
— learn to play the bassoon
— take up Tube surfing
— try abseiling
— look for change in parking meters
— read a book in a foreign language

Honestly. Work is not life. Life is important.


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