What is a virtual book launch?

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TCR — I have asked quite a few people, since I had this idea. Including some people who should know. And so far I don’t really have an answer. But, quite a few people have said that they can’t come to the actual book launch, but would check out the ‘virtual launch’. So that obliged me to set one up, I think.

Here are the details.

A virtual book launch
Thursday 4 December 2008

We don’t seem to be talking as much about ‘social media’ as we used to. It seems like just last week that it was all the rage. Everyone needed a blog and wanted their friends, their colleagues and their bosses to have one too, or at least to read theirs.

Some would say it hasn’t gone away a minute too soon. The reality is though that it has just been absorbed into the way we:

• do business,
• talk to our moms,
• hang out with our friends and
• make new ones.

With friends and readers around the world, we plan to do a second book launch for all those people who can’t be in London on November 27.

Here are the ways you can be involved in the virtual launch on 4 December.

Parts East: 8 to 9 am GMT on Thursday 4 December

Parts West: 5 to 6 pm GMT on Thursday 4 December

Here’s where it will be happening — and indeed is happening now:

Started 13 November 2008. People sign-up by their own volition. Will track planning and then broadcast for the hour of the virtual launch. Well, two hours, as we’ll do an eastern hemisphere launch and then a western hemisphere launch. You can sign up here. It won’t hurt.

Facebook group. Launched 13 November. Join and see updates on plans. Find out more from here via virtual book launch at key times on December 4. Even before telling people I have had someone join! (Excellent.)

This is a channel on which we will broadcast information that might be of interest. At the time of the launch we will have video readings here for you to watch. Immediately though you can see short discussions of leadership in video form here.

I am Daphyd Ferraris in Second Life. I am the only short, over-weight man of thinning thatch in this great world of beautiful people (and, oddly enough, cats.) I will provide coordinates and hopefully allow you to download a chapter of the book if you visit.

So, spare us an hour of your time in a few weeks. Put it in your diary now. And let’s see what happens.



Download PDF

Download PDF

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