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Last Thursday's LIVE book launch

OUR OFFICES — It’s Wednesday night. It’s been a busy week. But tomorrow (Thursday 04 December 2008) I will be holding two virtual book launches.

1) Launch for parts east: 8am to 9am GMT

2) Launch for parts west: 5pm to 6pm GMT

I will be working a few Internet sites at once. I hope. The idea being that you can visit and learn stuff at each, or drop in on one. The pay-off will be a copy of the first 15 pages of the book… the Introduction.

At the same time there will be videos of a ‘book reading’ that you can look at. An audio interview you can listen to. Some places where you can chat live. Many places you can leave comments. And a few ways to request copies.

I hope we’ll see you there. You never know, it may be interesting. At least you can tell you’re mum you did something different this week.

Here’s where it’s happening:

FACEBOOK: At the group “A duty of care”. Go into groups and search for it. We’ll have some pictures here and a chance to chat. We’ll be watching and answering.

YOUTUBE: At my page there. Type in Ferrabee or go to /user/ferrabee We will upload video ‘book readings’ and also and interview I did today with EJ. They’re a bit rough, but have a listen.

TWITTER: Search for “Adutyofcare”, or go to /adutyofcare This will run live. I’ll update you on what’s going on in the hour as it happens.

SECOND LIFE: It’s crashing on me tonight. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better. I am the only short, over-weight, bald man in Second Life. You should be able to find me if you go to IBM 6. Search for that in the search box. We can chat live there. (NB I don’t have voice chat, just typing.)

Also you can check in here. Put a comment below. Or send us your email address at and we’ll send you the book excerpt. If we receive your email in the times listed above!

You can buy the book by clicking here. That would be ideal too!

Thanks for your support.


N.B. Please note. Parts of this will definitely go horribly wrong. Be warned.

Download PDF

Download PDF

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  1. David Ferrabee

    Can’t get to the IBM location, so am in Nokia Italia. Not sure what’s up. /df

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