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Able and How

LONDON — When organisations set out to improve their operations they can project how the changes will add real value to their business. However in most cases they do not achieve all the benefits that the changes promised. This is the story in almost every business in operation. Strategies don’t reach the heights they intended. New systems and technology aren’t adopted as easily or effectively as hoped. People can’t make the improvements that the plans said would come.

So value is lost, or, to put it plainly, money is left on the table.

But that shouldn’t be the case. The reasons that organisations struggle to make changes are well documented. And those are the areas where Able and How works to support effective and sustainable change. Specifically we target many of the areas where change is most likely to run into trouble:

  • change design and planning
  • vision
  • leadership
  • communication
  • culture
  • engagement
  • accountability
  • innovation

These are unique problems that even excellent technical change management planning cannot overcome.

In most businesses the inability to implement change is a epidemic that has a cure. The way in which we work with our clients ensures that they capitalise on all the opportunities that they have.

We deliver value in organisations by driving effective and sustainable change.

We have found that this is unique.

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