UK Employee Engagement figures make for grim reading

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At Able and How we are aware of the link between business performance and employee engagement. The benefits of enhancing the bond between employees, their colleagues and their organisations have been well documented over the last decade.

According to ORC International’s latest Perspectives survey, employee engagement in the UK is lagging behind global trends and has fallen to 17th place in ORC’s global employee engagement rankings. When UK employees were presented with the following statement: “There is a positive relationship between management and staff in this organisation”, just 43% of employees responded positively compared to 56% in the US. Employees were also asked about their enjoyment of daily tasks. Again, 54% of UK respondents gave positive feedback compared to 63% in the US.

Reasons behind the poor results are thought to be the effects of the financial crisis on the UK job market and the significant government spending cuts which have increased job insecurity in both the private and public sectors. On a side note, India topped the rankings, with China coming in a close second and the US coming in fifth.

It is now more important than ever for managers in the UK to be able to identify low employee engagement. Indicators may include:

  • A high staff turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Employee conflicts
  • Poor punctuality or absenteeism
  • Poor or little communication with management

If you are interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your engagement strategy you may want to read the following Able and How article:

Food for thought:

Are you seeing any of these trends in your organisation?

Do you feel your organisation needs help in engaging employees?

Are there any good practices that you envy or employ?

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  1. steve @ employee wellbeing

    Their does seem to be a correlation in falling rates of engagement and enjoyment after the economic downturn. Further investment in engagement, and an approach that not only motivates employees but ensures them of their job security should go some way to improving the situation.

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