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MAIDA VALE — There was probably a promise early on to tell you about how it has been to set up a new business from a standing start. And there have been a few reasons why we haven’t talked about some stuff, but there are surely some things we can discuss.

Technology is one.

We have struggled with issues that you can’t possibly expect. We have brilliant technology providers, and our office site is well wired. But today — 10 weeks in — that we have been able to make our fax machine work.

Today we also managed to identify that people were calling us back on a number other than ours because it was displaying as something else when we called people. [To be clear our number in +44 20 3059 2380.]

And i think technology falbergasts us all. We also discovered last week that our junk-mail setting were on steroids for a few weeks, so perfectly normal emails were being dumped into a black hole.

It’s all fixed now.

We think.

But who knows how we have unintentionally communicated in the past 10 weeks:

  • faxes missed
  • emails bounced
  • calls lost

I hope no one has been put off. The most vexing thing for me is how silent the miscommunication might have been.


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