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LONDON — The weekend papers are full of stories connected to the loss of life of a senior politician’s handicapped child. This is the second wave of stories. These are in many ways more relevant and more arresting.

In many ways they are just awesome. Inspiring. Loving. Heartbreaking.

And, I have to admit I can’t read them all. But I know many people will. And many people are writing about things that they haven’t written about in the past. Opening up about their lives and their own ability (or not) to deal with love/ loss/ anger/ guilt, etc.

We northern people aren’t very good at this generally. I watches a split-second of anxiety and discomfort on the BBC’s morning news show this morning as a distinguished guest, a past head of the BBC used the wrong word to describe disability. And you know why people worry about talking about these issues. We don’t have the words. We often don’t have the emotional experience to master own own fears.

Clearly there should be more time spent on this. But we don’t want to talk about it.

And… that’s not the point of this blog (which is already running too long.)

It’s the other elephant in the room: the recession.

We’re not talking about that either. There’s lots on the recession. But Google news turns up precious little for recession – unemployment – sadness. We’re just pretending it’s not there. We’re hiding in our houses and offices. We’re hoping it doesn’t linger near our door.

Our sense of community has gone.

There’s recession. There’s unemployment. There’s sadness.

We should talk about it.


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