Social media, culture and internal comms

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IN FRONT OF THE GRAND PRIX — The biggest challenge to using social media in the workplace is bringing together the various skills and functions that need to approve it.

I was at a Tuttle meeting yesterday. Not for long. Not long enough. But I me some very interesting people. And I came out with a nagging doubt having been turned into a full-on concern. I can’t find anyone who knows how to put together all the bits required:

THE BUSINESS CASE: Can social media really make a difference?

THE TACTICAL PLAN: What technology(ies) will work best? Why?

THE ADOPTION PLAN: How does that work with our culture?

TECHNOLOGY DELIVERY: Can you programme it? Can you get our IT people to agree? Get IT excited about it?

IMPLEMENTATION: How do you get actual people to use it?

MEASUREMENT: Can you show it is working? And that it has worked?

COORDINATION & FORWARD PLAN: When it works, what do we do next?

The biggest gap I can see is between the ‘technologist’ and the ‘communicators’. My concern is that there are few people who can reconcile these two sides.

Communicators tend to have a ‘yes, we can’ approach to social media: It’s new, it’s cool. We can do it. Let’s just push on.

The technology people often are cast as the villains by doing their job properly and saying: Our systems are finely balanced. This is a minor programme with major implications… and costs. We can’t afford it.

Who can reconcile those two views? Who can convince a CEO that the opportunities and risk are worth it?

I’m not sure I have met them yet.


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