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social media and organisational communications

TCR — I have been looking around at some of my favourite blogs today. And it’s an interesting to see my colleague Lee Hopkins running a Social Media workshop in Australia today and tomorrow. I have run these in the past in the UK and I loved doing it. But it was more than a year ago.

I have kind of moved on. Which is not in any way meant to be dismissive. I think many of us are now using social media as an extension of the way we used to use the Internet… which is itself an extension of the way we used to use the postal services and the library.

I have blogs for example that I read a lot. Just as I read newspapers cover to cover each day. But I suspect there are people who don’t. And I use thinks like LinkedIn and Facebook regularly as well.

I have abandoned Twitter. But I know many people who still love it — and I can still see myself recommending it to clients. I have also not been on Second Life in a long time. But I am desperate to return for another try at an book launch in Second Life. (I’ll do one later in November.)

Here are a few of the blogs on our business that I read.

Internal communications in India
Awesome. Lively. Fresh, interesting and clever.

Lee Smith
Lots of good stuff on the ‘industry’. Lee’s a good guy. A consultant-about-town.

Lee Hopkins in Australia
Undying and frankly inspirational energy and enthusiasm. Lee is into everything and knows a lot about it all.

Sue Dewhurst
Along with her esrtwhile colleague Liam, Sue has trained a whole generation of internal communicators in the UK. You can hear then rattling around in here. It’s often fun and whimsical reading.

Neville Hobson
Neville knows everything about blogging and technology that anyone could ever need to know. If there’s something interesting going on in communication AND technology Neville will write about it first.

Kevin Keohane
He calls this ‘Death to Internal Marketing’ and you can’t argue with him. I like Kevin’s writing style.

Marc Wright
Despite his boyish looks, Marc has been in this business since Moses was in shorts. He’s always interesting and up to something new.

If you are a fan of Delicious then here are some links here that you might find interesting. I used this in my social media courses in the past. I haven’t really updated it a lot recently. But there’s still some fun stuff here.

I have a group on Internal Communications and Change in Facebook. It keeps growing, but, frankly, there’s not much in terms of discussion going on there. And LinkedIn is growing in new and different ways all the time. Both are often more trustworthy to me than using my contacts list to find my friends and colleagues and see what people are up to.

What do you think is going on in social media and organisational communications that is exciting?


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