Able and How in September: How you can get involved

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LONDON — Starting the new school year quickly, Able and How have a number of events and discussions planned with the Organisational Change Management (OCM) community in mind.

All inquiries welcome.

Able and How East — Canary Wharf open house

Wednesday September 7
Able and How will be holding clinics and meetings with clients and friends in Canary Wharf. We will be discussing change, offering advice and taking questions throughout the day, at a number of locations.
If you would like to join us, please let us know.

Change Management Dinner

Thursday September 8
Leaders from major organisations will meet to ask: “Does anyone really need change management?” We will investigate how businesses see the change need and how OCM can mean different things to different people.
The event is invitation-only, but if you feel you might have been overlooked, please let us know.

Able and How in Oxford

Tuesday and Wednesday 20 and 21 September
As part of our annual development process we will be returning to school, to review our strategies, plans and ambitions. The city and area are home to some of Britain’s most successful businesses, as well as greatest thought leaders.
If you are in the area and would be interested in meeting with Able and How, please let us know.

Developing Organisational Change Capability — An Able and How Webinar

Tuesday 27 September
Our on-going webinar series has met with great reviews.
One participant recently wrote “The webinar was great and very timely. Our change programme is guilty of every one of your common pitfalls!”
This one will help you to understand what kind of Change Capability your organisation might need.
If you would like to register, please CLICK HERE.

Future events?

OCtober will be an exciting month too. Join our mailing list, or come back here for more information.

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