Self-inflicted wounds: Remedial work for beleaguered corporations

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BY THE THAMES — We are being approached by more and more firms who have suffered calamitous shock recently.

Sometimes businesses can be shaken and undermined by operational errors: crashes, explosions, poisonings, etc.  Some can be caught out with serious infractions: unfair trading, fraud, loss of licence.

And no one seems to know what to do with these.

Dealing with external forces is much easier in many ways than dealing with rot from within.

We’re good at talking about communication when change is market-driven, or by choice, or by sudden external crisis.  We’re not so good when the change is driven by significant internal error.

Questioning (and blaming) others is much more fun than looking inside.

When you look inside you see things that defy description, like:

– culture
– values
– leadership
– style

We are more comfortable with words like:

– process
– systems
– reporting
– compliance

And the two sets of ideas are undoubtedly linked.  But one often relies on the other.  Systems and processes alone will not change and organisation.  And when independent bodies and government panels talk about a “a culture of…”, or “total leadership failure…” they are talking about things which many business people are uncomfortable confronting.

That is a shame because we have shown that these issues are not as hard to address as people would have you believe.


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