Recruiting: Does this sound like you?

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ROEHAMPTON — Over the years I feel like we have been perfecting this art. It’s very tricky to recruit well. You need to find the right set of skills, the right attitude, and a drive to do the job.

In consultancy it’s even harder. You also need to find people who instinctively work and play well with others. They need to be able to learn a lot quickly. And they need to be aware that they don’t know it all.

The last one is probably the hardest. How can you tell other organisations what to do — with an air of certainty — and still be modest and approachable?

I don’t think I know. I’m not sure I am the poster-child for this skill. But over the years I have hired some people who are.

We’re not ready to hire any more people right at the moment. But we will be soon. If you think you might be interested, here’s some more information.

We need a fourth for tennis. Doesn’t have to have played at County level, but it would help.

Languages are always good. We’ve got most of Europe sewn up. And I can do a bit of Kiswahili, but Arabic, Urdu and Mandarin would all be good. Russian too.

A passport is important as well. Along with good personal hygiene. And clothes that match.

Children. We like it if you have children. Or at least can put up with them. (We sometimes go a bit Cbeebies ourselves.)

A wry smile. And a good, understated sense of humour. The ability to find the mot juste at juste the right mo.

And enthusiasm for any kind of violent sport. Water polo will do. But extra points for field hockey, kick boxing, rugby, Aussie rules, ice hockey… sumo? We’re not prescriptive.

Of course these aren’t the real criteria for working at Able and How. That would probably be illegal. But it gives you a sense of what kind of people you’ll meet. And also maybe gets you to think about what isn’t in the job description that still might be important to you… or to your prospective employer.

You never know.

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