Recession? Yes, but think of the great art…

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PARSON’S GREEN — My granny used to talk about her friends dismissively as “[name] enjoys poor health.” So when I grew up I thought that was just a normal expression.

But are we not pre-programmed at some level to relish our own potential misery? I know John Milton had a view.

This morning, for the first time, I listened closely to the words of an up-beat song on my iPod:

But now I look at love
Like being stabbed in the heart
You torture each other from day to day
And then one day you part
Most of the time it’s misery

Happy, no!?

As I left the house my attic-dwelling father-in-law helpfully pointed out that he’s counted 13 shop boarded-up between our house and the local Waitrose. Fortunately he’s not seen the whole block that’s boarded-up near Chelsea Westminster Hospital.

It’s not good.

But then again, how many great pop songs have you heard about bankers bonuses?


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