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We have found it's good to do what they say

CHELSEA — Where has all the money gone?  That’s a question I discussed with senior change leaders at two great international businesses this week.

When they bemoaned their business’ inability to spend, or it’s continued focus on cutting core costs, I pointed out the money their companies are sitting on.

Great big piles of cash.

That’s what businesses have in their bank accounts at the moment. And so long as they won’t spend it, then the economy will still stutter along.

How do we change that?

Hard to say.  If you’ve known a lot of rainy days you’re going to find it hard to change your behaviour.

What can you do?

We do have one idea.  You can put some of your own money into helping those less able to help themselves.

We’re running… almost all of us at Able and How… on June 14, to raise money for Crisis.  It’s a good charity for an important cause.  And it’s one (small) way to put money back into the economy — where it is needed most.

Some of us run funny, apparently.  And some are taking it quite seriously.  Some of us will be running fast just to get away from those who run funny.

Would you sponsor us?  We’d like it if you did.


Meanwhile we’ll keep working on getting the economy going again.



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