Proof of life: 5 things to do today to better your Internal Comms

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LATE IN LONDON — We like lists and in recent times this blog may have been harder on Internal Communicators than is deserved.

So here are a few things that you can do in a single day.  They will advance your case, secure your reputation and make your organisation more successful.

1. Create a six month plan on one page

Put the months across the top and down the left hand side write the business-wide, functional, geographic and any other grouping where activities are generated.  Put your channel publication schedule across the very bottom (if it will fit.)

2. Go and help a colleague communicate something

It doesn’t have to be the CEO or Board, or the Head of HR or Finance.  It can be Bill in Facilities.  Just make a friend and hone your skills on something that will give you no glory, but make Bill’s communication more successful.

3. Spike that human-interest story

You know the one about the lady in that office.  Which is far from here.  And she does that thing, that you can’t help being a bit patronising about.

Write instead about someone doing something vital and exciting that really is ambitious and takes the business forward.  It could even be that lady in that office, but you’ve gotta be impressed by it (and a bit in awe).

4. Get in front of the big change communications programmes

You know the thing that is rumoured?  Or announced but feared?  You may even be aware of it and a bit worried that you may be asked to help with it.  It’s big and not popular or not guaranteed success.

That’s the one.  It’s going to change the business, and like it or not, it’s your job to help make it work.  Go now and get in front of it.

5. Say “I know a really good change communications company.” And get some good advice

It doesn’t have to be us (although I’d rather if it was) but there are a unique combination of skills that you need.  You have to get the project sponsors to draw breath long enough to regroup and focus their planning and engagement.  You can do it.  You’ll learn in the process.

Thanks for listening.  I can go to sleep now.


P.S. The lady up top is ‘leading the parade’.  Right.

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