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TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD — It’s Friday morning.  Early.  So it must be time for our weekly Board meeting.

We meet early at our local wheat germ palace for breakfast and a review of the week’s top developments.

This will be a good one.

Amidst all the client work, the international visas, chasing months’ overdue invoices (you know who you are) and significant changes in personnel, we have taken time out to thank our clients.

I’m going to say it was my fellow director Paul’s idea.  We thought it made sense to thank the people who got us here, so we commissioned some special artwork and sent it off to a very limited and special list.

So far the feedback has been great. 

And from our perspective it was the very least we felt we could do for a group of senior business people who have really made Able and How a success.

In writing the notes we made a surprising realisation.  This is our client base in numbers:

  • 20 different organisations, multi-nationals and sector leaders
  • Over 1.3 million employees in those firms
  • Headquarters from Tokyo to New Jersey
  • Worked on-site in 6 different countries

I know we can’t just say they are all great.  We helped them too, and their continued patronage is a sign of their happiness, but still…


And thanks again.


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Download PDF

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