OCtober – Organisational Change Management Month

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Good morning from London.  It’s early in the morning on Saturday 01 October 2016 and time to start OCtober. 

What is this all about? Why are we doing it? What do we hope to achieve?

Read on.

We’ve got explanations, details and a challenge for you too. 

OCtober is a month dedicated to discussing, sharing and involving people in Organisational Change Management, or OCM. #letschataboutchange

Therefore and early question might be “What is OCM?” Here’s a simple explanation:

DEFINITION: Organisational Change

“An agreed programme of work that will be delivered in an organisation as a result of which people will need to perform or behave differently. Objectives, benefits, plans and dedicated resources are all hallmarks of organisational change. Organisational change needs organisational change management (OCM).”

In order to keep the momentum Able and How – a global organisational change management consultancy – will be sharing ideas and hosting debates throughout the month of October 2016.  We have broken the four weeks of the month out into four themes:

WEEK 1: OCM – What is it?

WEEK 2: OCM – How do we apply it?

WEEK 3: OCM – Who owns it?

WEEK 4: OCM – What does the future hold?

Each week we will publish a lead article on the topic and intersperse the days that follow with ideas and prompts to get people talking.  How will we do that?  Through the wonders of modern technology. Here are the three primary ‘channels’ we will use:

BLOGS: www.ableandhow.com/blog

TWITTER: @ableandhow

LINKEDIN: Company page Able and How, but often through our own pages too. See where you end up.

You’ll also find OCtober here too though:

FACEBOOK: Able and How – Content will also be copied here

INSTAGRAM: @ablendhow

OUR LINKED IN GROUP: Organisational Change Management and Business Transformation

At the end of the month you should also look out for our Able Round Table. A chance for face-to-face participation. You won’t want to miss that.

What can you do? What is in it for you? Are both good questions.

The aim of OCtober is to increase understanding. We want to connect people across the business community, in government and in any organisations that need to manage the people side of change.

We want to encourage and support a discussion that helps to advance the recognition and support for effective organisational change management. Able and How is committed to that. Our clients get it and know how important it is. More people need to know.

So you need to get involved.  Speak up. All ideas are worthy of discussion. All points of view welcome.

When one day your young relative looks up at you and says “tell me, where were you for OCtober 2016?” You can say “I was there. I was there to read, share, understand, join, and educate. I participated in OCtober 2016.”

Look for our first major article on Monday morning 03 October. And for many other pieces in between.




David Ferrabee is a Director at Able and How and has worked in organisational change and internal communications for over 25 years.

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