OCtober ’17 Wrap Up

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As you might have noticed, we’ve been discussing all things Organisational Change Management (OCM) recently. For the second year running, we dedicated an entire month to celebrating and promoting the discipline of Organisational Change.

With our OCtober ’17 campaign, we aimed to enable debate, raise the profile, show the value of and promote the conversation around how organisations do change. What should they be thinking about? Where are the pitfalls? What actions do they need to be taking?

Over the course of the month, we wrote thought leadership pieces on key change topics, published research, created insightful and digestible content about change, posted regular updates across our blog and social media. To catch up on all of this, week by week, see below.


Agile and OCM

The first week of OCtober ‘17 focussed on the links between Agile and Organisational Change. At Able and How, we are proud champions of Agile processes. We are increasingly seeing our clients using Agile to deliver transformation programmes – outside of IT.

As part of OCtober ‘17, we wanted to understand how Agile is perceived by other professionals. We wanted to know how Agile and Organisational Change Management intersect. So, we conducted a global survey of business professionals and produced a research report to help shape this understanding.

You can download the research report via our blog.

Digital and OCM

We know that Digital is everywhere and everyone says that change is a constant. That makes for an interesting relationship. So, during Digital Change week we sought to answer two questions:

  • How can you excel at Digital Change?
  • How do Change Practitioners get it right?

Our first blog focussed on three ‘paths’ of change and how these can be applied to excel at Digital Change. In our second blog, we specifically address how change practitioners are facing the challenge of remaining employable and successful in a digitally disruptive OCM environment. We proposed that the answer lies in a Change Practitioner’s skillset and mindset.

We also interviewed Australian change leader Dr. Jennifer Frahm about her thoughts on Digital OCM and the notion of OCM 3.0. That interview is also available on here.

Four questions on culture change

Week three of OCtober ’17 discusses a widely debated concept that has been linked to organisational success since the early 1980s – organisational culture. At Able and How we recognise organisational culture as an important and highly influential asset for any organisation.

In our thought leadership article on the subject, we reflect on Aristotle’s concept that ‘we are what we repeatedly do’. Based on our extensive experience in supporting organisations to shape their culture, we believe that in order to change a culture, you need to change people’s behaviours. This is where organisational change management comes in.

Change Leadership

In the final week of OCtober ’17, we looked at Change Leadership.

In our article ‘All Change, please!’, we discuss the idea that Change Leadership as it is currently understood, is changing. We also discuss how many leaders and organisations struggle with change and how this is connected to ineffective change leadership behaviours.

In line with this theory, we developed a checklist of effective leadership behaviours to further facilitate the discussion on the subject. You can complete the ‘Checklist to effectively lead change’ here.


Even though it has now come to an end, there is still an abundance of information to read and knowledge to be taken from OCtober ‘17. We hope you will continue to use, share and keep chatting about OCM far beyond this month.

We have very much enjoyed taking the time to explore our discipline further and engage with you in discussion about Organisational Change Management. The many discussions that occurred across our social media channels over the course of the month has been inspiring and we hope you find that too, join in, and continue to share your thoughts.

As always, please feel free to contact us directly should you wish to discuss any of these topics. We are always eager to learn from other and hear their stories.

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