New today: Michael Jackson, George Bush and Susan Boyle

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DISTRICT LINE — What ever happened to ‘new’?  Where is our sense of adventure?  Where are the new faces and voices of the future?

Here we are, 11 months into a new decade and we’re still talking about some of the least interesting characters of the 80s, 90s and Noughties.

George Bush has a book out.  Reviewed today it talks about dog poo and tries to re-cast him as an ordinary guy.  But quite apart from being US President, anyone who knows about W’s upbringing knows that he was never an ordinary guy.  Just very much filled with insecurity and doubt like all the rest of us.  And yet he had so much opportunity and so many advantages in life.

He may be one of the few people for whom being a two-term US President arguably wasn’t really living up to his potential.

Then there’s news of Michael Jackson and his amazingly growing immediate family.  Some parents, brother, sisters, nieces and nephews have profited from his 2009 heart failure, and some have not.  So now their is an unseemly dispute (and additional publicity) over the release of a ‘new’ album.  Tracks are out today.

New?  No.  Posthumous even.  (And it doesn’t even sound like him.)

And finally the Scottish superstar Susan Boyle has patched up her feud with former Velvet Underground front-man Lou Reed.  (Yes, you can rub your eyes, drink some coffee and read that again.) And Lou has directed her in the video for his song ‘Perfect Day’.



Surely the Teens (is that what we’re calling this decade?) has every right to have it’s own stars.  Where are the great actors, musicians, authors, politicians and business leaders of the Teens?

It feels like we’ve lost our mojo.  We are too stuck in the past to think about the future.

Where’s the excitement and optimist of a new age?



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