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When the wind of change whistles into play
will I blink or flinch away?
The wind of change wont whistle me away
if I spin my tails and sail.
And sail away, let yesterday become today.

CIRCLE LINE — I recognise that I am not the right demographic for the Brummie, bedsit, white rapper The Streets. But I have just bought the new album and I had to choose between a CD and a limited edition USB.

(That’s a compact disk and limited edition universal serial bus!)

I don’t know which sounds worse. I liked LPs. I liked the big cover art and sleeves that decorated my dorm room wall. I liked making thunder sounds by shaking the vynil.

But that’s not coming back. It’s the day of the USB key.

We like our media mobile now. And we’ll buy more than one copy if we really like it.

How does the company newsletter fit into this world?

Uncomfortably. At best.

All hail the mobizine. You heard it here first.

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  1. Katie

    Hello! What fun … so will we see the return of the album sleeve but with the USB in it’s pocket ie as part of a sweat-shirt? Too random perhaps. I’m just wrapping up another change communications project, they are a staple of my comms work. In doing so I draw up a flow-chart to map the process and activities, checking it against our standard corporate template, and looking at what we’ve actually done that’s specific to our audience. It’s looking rather complex. Are there any example of these change process, flow-charts out there – simplified and visually inspiring – for me to benchmark. Or is that too random?

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