Modern change management and internal communications

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KNIGHTSBRIDGE — I had a nice bowl of pasta yesterday with one of the leading lights in our business.  A guy I have known for 5 years or so, and who has distinguished himself by sustaining and growing a global consulting footprint through the years.

And we complained.  Like two old men down at the park.

“Things have changed.”

“There’s not much value in writing magazines or designing intranets for people any more.”

“The business has moved on…”

But, unlike two guys approaching retirement, we were in agreement about the symptoms and the cure.

We are, after all, two guys who run successful consulting businesses.

Our issues are that there are still lots of people trying to write or design their way out of business issues.

We must implement a new ERP system?  Well, maybe a really good feature article will help with that!

The business needs to be more entrepreneurial?  Well, I’ve got a great graphic for that.

And that’s not what our clients need at the moment.  Yes, all communications have their place — even a Social Media Policy is not a waste of time… but it’s not going to transform the business any time soon either.

Your company needs to increase sales and reduce costs.  How are you helping with that?

Seriously.  How?

There are so many great things that communications people and change managers can do.  There are fewer and fewer excuses for doing less.


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