Leadership in changing times

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LONDON — We celebrated an important birthday this month at Able and How.  When this business was started the world was quite a different place. And in the intervening years much has changed.

Leadership was primarily about getting the work done.  Was the business doing what it was meant to be doing?  Did your team deliver what they were tasked with?

But those conditions have changed. And not just a little bit.

In the last few years some of the most talked about businesses have had negative balance sheets.  Some haven’t delivered anything.  Others have delivered billions of dollars in profit, but it hasn’t been enough.

Many leaders have failed the test of “seeming to be good leaders”.  A situation that is new for business people — where public, employee and shareholder opinions can blot your report card, even if your marks are essentially good.

Here are some of the job requirements (stated and implied) that leaders in the 21st Century need:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • People management
  • Finance
  • Change management
  • Communications
  • Investor relations
  • Media relations


With so many different skills required for leaders in businesses today, you’d think more and more would want or need training.  A Harvard MBA is now estimated to cost $180,000. So that’s not too easy.

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Download PDF

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