Labour Day: How we can save the world

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LONDON — There’s no sense bring timid about it: Let’s save the world.

Everyone seems to agree that the planet is in dire shape. And we are making it worse father than better. Al Gore and now John Prescott (sic) are evangelising about the need for action.

But there’s one important thing that’s missing…

…And I believe that we can provide it: (I know I’ll get some rude emails for this… But bring them on!)

No one knows what to do.

Seriously. No one knows what to do. Do we fly less? Do we eat less meat? Do we all buy electric cars? What?

I am convinced that people can and would do it. It’s called “engagement” and “behaviour change” and that’s what we specialise in. The problem with telling people what to do more of or less of is that commercial interests get in the way:

– stop driving petrol cars? What would Vauxhall do!
– stop eating meat? What about our farmers!
– stop burning fuel? Are you a closet nuke!?

There are things that can be done… And there can be willingness to do it. But people need to know what and where.

In Canada this summer I was astounded by the lengths to which people go, every day, to do the right thing for the environment. Unfortunately Canada is not the problem!

So, this is what we need:

– a programme that can make decisions that are clear of national and business interests
– support to pay for the research, the information and the national campaigns
– the skills to do it (our hands are up!)

Easy, right.

You bet.


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