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TCR — What a grim morning.

I have taken to looking at both the global markets (FTSE, DJI and NIKKEI) and the Cambridge light meter. Recently both have been equally bad. Diving and falling short from day to day.

Admittedly the over-night stock market news has been pretty awful, while the light meter seems to be climbing today.

So, let’s just look away for a few moments.

Here are a few distractions to make you smile.

John Sargent
The top story in the UK right now. A large, awkward, but friendly man, is bullied into quitting a TV dancing show because he’s not very good.

There’s nothing not to like about this. And you know it’s going to run and run… into bitchy recriminations, with all sorts of spandex and sequins getting twisted.

God’s Facebook page
This is silly, I know. But it’s full of in-jokes for that large area of intersect between Bible readers and Facebook aficionados.

I wonder if the Dalai Lama has a page? I bet he does.

Star Trek
There’s a new Star Trek movie coming out. Wait! It’s not like that. This is by the guy who has done the TV show Lost. And it’s got real Star Trek fans furious. He says he’s not really a fan… And he’s got the real fans very worried… “What if I learned Klingon for no reason?”

You know the new director J J Abrams is just winding them up when he says “I have only recently become a Trekker.” When everyone knows that the polyester cover fans are called ‘Trekkies’!



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