In 2010 I want to work in China and India

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ON THE SOFA — Change management and communications are needed in China and India. World-class change and comms.

I know there are many capable people in both countries. I know that they already manage big change. I know that there are language and cultural issues that are distinct to both countries.

But I am still sure that we can help.

There are no other consultancies like Able and How. Not in Europe, the Americas or Africa. And we haven’t found one in the Middle East. When I was last in Asia and Australia, I was told that there was not a consultancy like Able and How there either.

Here’s what I know about:


1) The country is slowly exporting its business acumen.
2) The number of highly skilled worked puts every western country to shame.
3) The country itself, with complex geographic, language, economic and social issues is a fair microcosm of global trade.
4) As Frank Sinatra sang, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”


1) China’s capitalist education has been very public.
2) Experiential learning is always the best kind of learning. It sticks with you.
3) China has resources and geographical positioning that put it squarely in the centre of 21st century commerce.
4) You can’t argue with the success China has already seen.
5) Just wait and see what’s still to come.

So whether you are an Indian or Chinese business, the government of said country, a government agency, a government-owned non-government organisation (GONGO), working inside or trying to work outside of the country, let us know. We can have a chat.


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  1. Svitlana

    If you want to have experience of working in Indian school as a teache,
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  2. Gisele Varon

    While this issue can be very vexed for most people, my thought is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do value that you’ve added pertinent and sound commentary here though. Thank you!

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