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THE BOROUGH POOLS — There’s nothing quite as much fun as a good old fashioned disagreement.  And there’s one going on today on our LinkedIn Group (Change Management and Internal Communications).

Must be serious, right?

Yup.  It’s about whether company newsletters have had their day.

Often it’s the most out-dated and obtuse issues that get people’s dander up.

Had a good chat about HR Communications lately?

Don’t get angry.

We’re working for the HR department of a major US flag-carrier business.  And it’s great work.  It’s about “employee marketing”.  A subject that would cause immediate ex-communication from the more purist church of Internal Communication.  But it’s actually quite an interesting topic.  And one day I am sure you’ll read about the cool stuff they’re doing.

On the other end of the spectrum one of our bigger clients called off a brief to help with a big change programme today.  They’ve asked their HR consultants to do it.  And it’s one where I know we can do a better job, cheaper, clearer and faster.  But there you go.

HR itself is also under some scrutiny these days.  News of “a marketing director” made Head of HR causes shock and mutterings amongst the payroll clerks.

It’s a phenomenon that Communications have been getting used to for years. Even finance directors have been made head of comms in recent times.  And it’s actually proved to be quite a good thing.

But as Human Resources are forced to face up to the skills shortage and the sudden and heavy transience of employee (lack of allegiance, they say, wrongly)… then HR Directors are going to have to swot up on marketing and communication skills.

A better performance review won’t fix it.  Having courage, curiosity and talking to new people will.


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  1. Ellen Hall

    David – by “skills shortage” do you mean in the organisation, workforce or HR? If it’s the latter, couldn’t agree more. And it’s not just skills that need a review, but remit, and therefore attitude. In my time working alongside HR people I’m always surprised by the levels of empathy, consideration, and sensitivity in decision making and communications. It’s not that those levels are terribly low, but certainly not high enough – ironic considering they’re the only department in an organisation with “human” in their title.

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