How do you get leaders to play a more active role in change?

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In an organisation where leaders are highly engaged in a change, the likelihood of that change succeeding is much higher. That seems self evident, yet all too often, that visible, active engagement by leaders proves elusive. Despite the significant upsides of leading change, there are many reasons why leaders do not feel willing or able to play a full, active role.

On the 19th June, we’ll be holding a webinar to look at what is stopping leaders from getting fully behind such changes. More importantly we’ll look at practical ways in which leaders can be engaged and supported to play a full change leadership role.

If you’re a change practitioner or are just interested in learning how to get leaders to play a more active role in change, you can sign up here.

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  1. Keely Gallagher

    Can you please send me a recording of the webinar? Many thanks, Keely

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