Happy Christmas – You deserve it

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FULHAM BROADWAY — The papers are glum again today. The response to a piece of bad economic news seems to always be, not to just report it, but to say “you think this is bad! Wait till you see where we’re really going.”

Bring me a scary movie any day.

So, instead let’s look at some of the good news.

1. Renewal
There were a “shocking” 9,000 jobs lost yesterday, but also there were 15,000 created. (I’m not strong in maths, but…) So maybe now is a time to think about that career change that you have been pondering. I don’t think anyone doubts that governments in the future will be more supportive, not less. So maybe you can afford a paycut.

My son’s teacher used to be a PR executive. I think she made the right choice.

2. You’ll be okay
It will be over soon. Some say 2010, some say sooner. But the biggest issue is that you’ll be okay. Do you remember Zidane’s header at the World Cup in Germany? When Richard Hammond had his accident in a dragster? Well that was only a few years ago. In a few years from now, the economy will have recovered.

3. It’s never as bad as you expect
Like many other things in life — your teenage years, your mother-in-law’s visit — you will get through it. Bookmakers will tell you that the odds that you end up living in a box under a bridge are very low.

4. You can learn things.
Like how to make gin in your bath tub. These are skills that you might not acquire otherwise. How to knit blankets out of lint you collect from your dryer.

I am sure you have got some ideas too? Please share.


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