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HOME — One of the problems with recessions like the one we are in is that government spending takes place of regular commercial advertisements on TV. Don’t get me wrong, we have reason to love government work. And we hope to do more of it.

But the TV in the UK we are regularly assaulted with:
Motorcycles crashing into our car: “Take longer to look for bikes.”
A dead child that shows up in a man’s every line of vision: “Kill your speed, or live with it”
A man watching a sports match who loses all brain capacity in a 30 second stroke/ commercial: “When stroke strikes, act F.A.S.T.”

It’s great that the government is filling the space in paid advertising. And I know these things take a long time to put together… But I always thought that it would be better if the government ads were more joined up. These commercials are useful at any time, no doubt about it. But in times of economic uncertainty can’t we find other things to mix in? These ones are monstrously depressing.

Here are some of the things that could be really usefully advertised (and that I’d rather watch):
– How to meet your mortgage payments (Like these guys)
– How to manage personal debt and the consequences of that (Like this)
– How to start and run your own business in difficult times… And support the recovery that way (Business Link, for example)
– What you can do to retrain people and treat them well (maybe look here…)
– What government benefits you might be due (Benefits advice)
And on it goes…

Although with all the financial uncertainty around there is likely to be more incidence of stroke and distracted drivers. It seems more logical to me to deal with he issues that might be distracting people or causing hm stress.


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