Explain this: Pink diamond sales soar!

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LONDON — The sun is out in London. It’s an uncommon sight for us and people walk down Piccadilly pealing off their pea jackets like larvae.

It’s only one of the smaller contradictions that communicators face these days. Nothing seems to be going to plan.

Are we in recession or coming out? Is the current level of unemployment good, or is it bad?

Whenever there is a global hiccup like the one we are living through now, there’s a rush of people saying “X predicted this, and no one listened.” And the journalist, academics and politicians think they have learned something from that — so they go to great pains to predict absolutely everything possible.

Maybe it’s just in Britain. This incredibly indecisive image appears to be our national symbol:


So I am slowly becoming a weary optimist — unwilling to give up on my childlike belief that people are good and the world is improving. But increasingly aware that I am not developing a following.

How then do we reconcile this?

“Very Strong Price Appreciation” at Pink Diamond Tender

There must be a reason.


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2 Responses

  1. Rachel Allen

    That’s so strange about the diamonds! Maybe Santa is buying them all up ready to give to those who’ve been good this year?

    Very true about the recession. It’s quite frankly confusing. However you can decide whether we’re coming out of it or diving deeper in according to which newspaper you pick up off the stand. Seems to me the choice is ours – pick your paper and determine your stance.

    Totally agree with the weather picture as our national symbol, if the weather can’t even decide whether the sun is in or out, what hope have we got for the recession query?

  2. KateW

    Interesting article in Sunday Times about the ‘People’s Recession’. I can certainly see this recession running at different clock-speeds for different groups of people. Or maybe the smart money has given up on currency and will soon be purchasing their weekly tesco shop with gems!

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