EU: Run, vote or close your face

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TCR — There’s a great French expression ferme ta gueule. Maybe because it’s in a foreign language I think it’s a bit less harsh than the English equivalent.

I worked in politics many years ago. Almost 20 years ago. But long enough to realise that you need equal measures of two things to succeed:

1) Enough ambition to change the world
2) Enough vanity to believe you can

I know that sounds like an indictment, but it’s not. If we don’t have good enough people willing to go into politics then we have a real problem.

I am even stroppy enough on this point to say that I have little patience for business people who complain about government. They are no better than the radicals who want to drag everyone else to the extreme right, left or loopy. Good politicians need to balance many different interests. And that’s hard.

You need to help find effective people and support them. If you don’t participate, you have no voice. You can’t complain. (The UK has more or less the lowest turnout in Europe. About 1 in 3 people!)

Starting tomorrow (in the UK and Netherlands) and in the four days that follow, there will be European elections across the continent.

This week you have a chance to vote, and you must use it… Particularly if you are in any way sane.

The media and others are saying that the ‘traditional parties’ will be punished in this election. And when it comes to EU elections they often are. But mostly because only radicalised people can be bothered to vote.

Let’s be honest we have all sent some real characters to the EU. The few people who vote seem willing to vote for people who they wouldn’t let sit their dog.

Vote for someone who has the competence to do something intelligent once they are there. Sending radical parties of one hasn’t helped.

Run, vote or ferme ta gueule.


P.S. In most countries (including the UK) you don’t even have to register for these elections. It’s been done for you if you have voted in the past.

P.P.S. This site will tell you more about your candidates etc.

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Download PDF

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