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ON THE NUMBER 10 BUS — We’re talking to clients about research and employee satisfaction this week.And it’s always sticky territory.People like my mate Mark Ivery and Angela Sinikas do it very well.But market research companies and polling houses like Gallup and Ipsos don’t tend to understand it fully.

Most companies, when faced with an interest in their workforce will say:

“How are they?”

What do you mean?Do you want us to ask your employees how they are?

“No, no, you’re right.Ask them is they’re happy.Ask them if they are satisfied…”

Ok, boss.

And off they go.

But really?What does ‘happy’ have to do with anything?And satisfaction?The only time most of us are really satisfied is after Sunday lunch.And that’s not satisfied, so much as slightly nauseous.

How about asking them what they need to do their job better? Or if they understand the strategy?

Just a thought.


P.S. My 5-year-old taught me a new one at breakfast this morning:

Girls are from Mars… Because they are stars. Boys are from Jupiter… Because they are stupider.

Seems like that would be enough to build your corporate HR strategy around to me.

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