Election question: Can we make UK a great-place-to-work?

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LONDON — It’s an interesting question. Are we already? Could we be more so?

Clearly the UK is a desirable place to work, because people come here and stay. It is a sought-after spot for foreign postings. But in spite of much talk from various parties about the importance of highly skilled workers, I think that questions remain about how much we have created a country that is a great place to work.

What are the factors?

  1. Tax
  2. Administration
  3. Public transport and other aspects of ‘quality of life’
  4. Education and access to skills
  5. Immigration and renewing our workforce
  6. Workplace regulations and laws
  7. Working hours
  8. Culture of work
  9. Ability to manage change
  10. Business leadership and involvement

The first 5 of these are often in the political discourse. The other 5 are not.

They are all well within the control of governments. And all would contribute greatly to the success and prosperity of the country.

So why are we not talking about them all?


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  1. mike

    Ist now…hard to see it getting there. Failing grade on 3 and 4 (yes, Virginia, quality of life is more than public transit!) And education is such a mess that only the hyper rich can afford it for their kids…

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