Corporate Reputation is the new rock n roll

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HATFIELD — I have a theory. It says that corporate reputation is top of the agenda today because companies burned it to keep warm over the last winter.

And also some organisations found that their reputations didn’t keep them out of the merde when they thought it should have.

It’s a remarkable change of attitude.

I am hopeful that it may be the seedlings of the change to corporate governance that this recession should bring.

But I am not too hopeful.

However, I am very excited about the new focus on reputation.

Real, proactive reputation management requires the involvement of internal and external comms, HR, strategy and operations in way that… What do you know!… we uniquely know a lot about.

Maybe that’s why some of the biggest companies in the world have started talking to us about it the past 10 days.

It promises to be exciting times. I’d bet your reputation on it.


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  1. Sean Trainor

    The famous bard would agree:
    Richard II, I:1
    “The purest treasure mortal times afford, is spotless reputation”

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