Communications Directors in distress

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LONDON — Last night’s black-tie film premiere was a great chance to catch up with some people in the business.  There were too many people to talk to properly, unfortunately.  But some conversations I’ve been mulling over in my sleep.

Quite a few senior people working in communications at the moment are in distress.

I’m not saying it’s a pandemic.  It might just be that I know quite a lot of people, and only a few are talking about it.  But some very senior people in big businesses are struggling.

Here are my top ten signs that your communication job is going horribly wrong.

1. You’re stopping more stuff than you’re starting.

2. People who bring you new ideas are irritating you.

3. You want to know about every decision that is being made on your watch.

4. You’re starting to believe that saying nothing is working.

5. Lunchtime is ideally spent with the guy from HR… or Sales.

6. You miss the days when people believed what you told them.

7. You’ve stopped hiring the best person for the job – they rarely work out.

8. You notice the CEO and Board are much busier than they used to be.

9. Your boss has said that your job is safe.

10. You’re a little worried about your boss’ job.

Hopefully no one looks at that list and thinks we’re making light of a bad situation.  It’s more a reality of modern business.

You could substitute HR / Marketing / Sales director for many of the above.

All is not lost though.  Many Communications professionals just need to get their mojo back.  Sometimes… just sometimes… that’s in a different role.

However, companies and people who let that happen break our hearts.  Because it doesn’t have to be that way.


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