Change management should not sit with one person

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Companies need to build their organisational change capability – not just individual skills. Change is something most global organisations have experienced in recent times. In particular, change driven by crisis is a topic many companies and experts are talking about.

At the latest CIPD conference in Asia, Singapore’s prime minister spoke of how dealing with crisis has become the “new normal in the global economy” and that the key to facing up to the new challenges was “to navigate these changes with confidence, manage complexity and transform them into opportunities.”

Such a positive outlook on change is welcoming.

Change is not always born from a crisis – but is often a strong motivator. And if your organisation does not have the capability to change and adapt, then it may not recover.

So many organisations rely on skilled individuals, such as ‘change agents’ to plan and deliver change across an organisation. But is this really enough? Can just a few individuals engage all areas of the business and reach across several countries to deliver effective change?

The answer is almost always no. And it may account for why so many change programmes fail.

Companies need to instead focus on their organisational change capability. That way, the ability to respond to crisis and change does not walk out of the door when the change agent does.

Organisations need to develop the skills and experience of their people across the business and provide them with the information they need in a timely manner. People need to understand how change will affect them and what they need to do to support it in their day-to-day work. Leaders across the company (at every level) need to understand the change and have the tools to effectively manage it with their teams.

And this all needs to happen before the crisis. Organisations need to prepare for future change now.

Crisis and change is inevitable in our fast growing global economy and only those that have the ability to adapt across the organisation will prosper.

For more information about assessing your organisation’s capability for change, check out our Change Index page.

Kimberly – Sydney

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