Three years of change: It’s Able and How’s birthday

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LONDON — It’s been three fairly eventful years.  I suspect you’d be hard pressed to look at the last 25 years and come up with three more volatile years in which to be in business. Able and How was born on 08 September 2008.  If you … Read More

Cadbury Kraft is not a people deal

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  LONDON — There are a whole variety of reaction to the news of Kraft’s seemingly successful bid for Cadbury in today’s media. Many reactions are about more than just the gut reaction to the “uneven narrative of corporate finance”. We’ve put out press release that … Read More

Go ahead! Google me!

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MARBLE ARCH — I was visited by a charming man from Brussels yesterday called Hugh. We had a nice chat about PR, communications and change management. We talked about schools in Kenya and wine in Kuwait and real estate in Cirencester. When it came to the … Read More

Able and How: Help celebrate our birthday…

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  PICCADILLY — It’s our birthday today and we’d like you to help us celebrate. (See our challenge below.) Able and How opened its doors on 8 September 2008. And today seems a good time to explain where the name came from. Yesterday someone wrote to … Read More

People still talking about CommsFlashMob

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  LONDON — I am delighted to see that people are still talking about last month’s CommsFlashMob. Liam and his buddy Paul have both written about it recently. It seems like maybe the CommsFlashMob should keep on rolling. Ideas? /df

MacLeod Report: Can’t we go faster?

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  LAKE DISTRICT — I really like David MacLeod. And I am very pleased that the Prime Minister is excited about the idea of employee engagement. I like that he sees it as a possible source of competitive advantage for Britain. (I am a bit disappointed … Read More

Credibility of communicators (and transformation)

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TCR — Here’s a brave soul. Through a network of former Towers Perrin employees on LinkedIn I have just been forwarded a note from Robert Cornet on his blog. I don’t know him. But I admire his willingness to go into dangerous waters. In his blog … Read More

No plan, no security… but, damn, we’re happy!

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LONDON — What I really like about the research that Able and How are publishing tomorrow morning is that it defies logic… but reinforces our sense of the world. We have found that a lot of people have no idea about the future of their jobs. … Read More

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