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You can order it now. See link below.
You can order it now. See link below.

LONDON — Later in the month we will be launching A duty of care, my new book on leadership, management and organisational communications. It’s a slimmer volume than the last. Only about 150 pages. And considerably cheaper at on £6.99. But you’ll like it. You can order it here.

The premise is that we can all be better leaders, but few businesses offer us any training at all for the job. There’s lots of content with a heavy academic background. The latest thinking and detailed psychological studies… But you might not notice.

It’s intentionally written to be easy to read, interesting, and… even funny.

I get nervous about saying things are funny. Particularly when they are written by me. I remember a client telling me years ago: “At ABC Co. we don’t do funny.” And I am loathe to argue with that.

But I do suspect that individuals at ABC Co quite like funny and occasionally even laugh. So they can maybe read my book under the covers at night with a flashlight (aka a torch).

There’s a serious message behind the book though. And you won’t have to struggle to find it.

Our organisations are under-performing because they are not taking full advantage of their people. Not knowing how to manage people undermines their ability and your results. Not knowing how to communicate with them — even how to give people basic business information — is a threat to your success.

The good news is that leadership is not the hardest job in the world. It’s just the most frequently screwed up.

But I would say that. I have a book I want you to read.

We are launching the book in London on 27 November and ‘virtually’ on 4th of December. We’ll need your name on the launch party list… and you’ll need the details… so if you would like to come, please get in touch.

Bonne lecture.


P.S. If anyone has any really string views about what a ‘virtual book launch’ is, please get in touch. Thanks!

Download PDF

Download PDF

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