Being evangelical about work

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PARSONS GREEN — I had a coffee with quite a smart fellow yesterday. He runs the top ‘innovation’ business in town. I don’t really understand what he does, but, man, does it look like fun!

As we sipped tea in a shambolic bohemian market that he favours, he seemingly innocently asked if I felt my work was a vocation.

I realise now that it’s a question he probably has asked before. But it caught me unawares.

And, of course, being a professional communicator, I answered quickly and with authority:

“Yes”, I said.

Well, actually, I said something more like: “In the real world, where we don’t get to grow up to be policemen or firemen, where life and business is more complicated than that, then yes.”

“I think that there are too many people in the world who go into work and hate it. There is no reason to be unhappy at work, and that is what I want to change. So, yes.”

“But,” I went on without prompting, or any great signs of interest from my colleague, “I keep that well hidden because it doesn’t always sell that well.”

And so we moved on. And then I woke up thinking about it. And I don’t know why.

My colleagues like to accuse me of being quite religious. Which is a surprise to me. I guess I use a lot of religious imagery. But I am not terribly religious. What I am, I guess, is evangelical… about work.

There are probably worse things to be.


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