Apple vs Google: Good omens for the new year

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“Galloway has been identified as one of the darkest places on the planet.”
The Independent, 05 January 2009

GREEN PARK — There’s plenty to be joyous about at the start of a new year. And it’s not just the FTSE rising to a 16 month high, the pending snowstorm in London, or the ongoing chocolate fight for Cadburys.

There is South African President Zuma dancing with joy at his 5th marriage. What a brilliant picture. Putting aside the poor choice of running shoes, who is to complain about this? Really. What a great image of joy. Don’t you just know that Phil “The Power” Taylor would love to be in this position.

We all would.

Then there’s Albert Camus. The author still toted around by earnest, and slightly musty students everywhere. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was a musty youth once himself and now wants Camus’ remains put in the Pantheon in Paris along with other great national treasures like Napoleon (who is all there, except his bits).

Clearly Camus would have hated the idea. Or fallen over in pure shock. But since when have public perceptions of people needed to connect to their actual person? Ask John Lennon, Elvis or Ashley Cole.

For Camus, immortality is a fair an fitting goal. The fact that we’re still talking and arguing about him today is a fitting tribute.

Finally, I am heartily encouraged by the mounting rivalry between Google and Apple. It’s all over the news. Techies are whispering about it in corridors and everyone seems to be very excited about what it all means.

I don’t really care that much about it, I must admit. I’ll wait until the dust settles and go with the winner. But what a fantastic luxury to have?! The biggest business story around is about two companies that make things that no one really needs. Smart phones and internet technology is unlikely to start a war, or poison a river, or any of the other horrors that commerce occasionally inflicts on the world.

What a world.


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