Agile moves out of the shadow of software

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LONDON (29th September, 2017) – Each October, Organisational Change Management specialists Able and How delve deeper into their discipline, running a critical and inquisitive eye over the changing world of change.  In preparation for this year’s OCtober campaign, and as champions of the Agile methodology themselves, the company were interested to know how Agile and Change Management are working together.

Able and How Director, Paul Arnold, commented:

“The overlap between Agile and OCM seems compelling and clear to us. We are seeing organisations all around the world increasingly using Agile Methods to deliver programmes. But more and more that is happening outside of the IT department.”

The research they commissioned shows some surprises.

  1. After Software and Product Development, Organisational Change and Leadership processes are the biggest business areas using Agile
  2. Almost two-thirds of Agile programmes are already using OCM skills or people
  3. The people side of change is where Agile offers unique advantages
  4. However, with only 19% of individuals surveyed claiming they have worked on a successful Agile project, there is still progress to be made

This information is from the look at Agile which will kick the campaign off next week. However, Able and How’s OCtober ’17 campaign – Organisational Change month – will look at many topics. Each week during the month will be dedicated to a different topic. Thought leadership pieces discussing Agile methodologies and Change, Culture Change, Digital Change, and Change Leadership will roll off the presses.

MCA Chief Executive, Alan Leaman, said:

“Change has never been more important – or more difficult to manage. MCA members such as Able and Howare leading the way on this agenda. As an economy, we certainly need to be constantly improving our ability to make the changes that we’ll need for a prosperous future.”

The month will include events, interviews, round tables, and plenty of discussion across media channels. For more on the Agile and Change Management research, and everything else, put OCtober in your Diary.

In the meantime, follow Able and How via the company’s social media channels, or through the MCA.


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