“Recession, regulation and rain” or change management

CHELSEA — It’s quarterly reporting season. And there are goods and bads like we haven’t seen in a while.  BP has good newsShell has bad news.

But how are we characterising our successes and failures?  At […]

Raising money

We have found it's good to do what they say

CHELSEA — Where has all the money gone?  That’s a question I discussed with senior change leaders at two great international businesses this week.

When they bemoaned their business’ inability to spend, or it’s continued focus on cutting core costs, I pointed out the money their companies are sitting on.

Great big […]

2012: A year of change

MARYLEBONE — This year is a big year of change. In technology, in the world economy, the world of sport, even in the way all our countries are run.  There are elections in America, France, India…

What is more significant in a country than a change of government?

And that’s what is promised in India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Serbia,  Kuwait, El Salvador, The […]

Sorry, Sir Richard, that’s not it…


SOUTH KENSINGTON — There was a piece in the Independent yesterday about Sir Richard Branson’s “three point plan” to get the UK economy going.

Unfortunately the plan is completely pants.

I wish it weren’t, but it […]

Sunshine and crowds belie the dire economic news

EATON CENTRE, TORONTO — It’s easy to be positive when you’re on holiday. But the 30C temperatures and happy crowds on Canadian streets don’t belong to recessionary times.
The economy in this country seems to have defied the greatest evils of the last three years — banks have never been allowed to wager with others money. But still it […]

Modern change management and internal communications

KINIGHTSBRIDGE — I had a nice bowl of pasta yesterday with one of the leading lights in our business.  A guy I have known for 5 years or so, and who has distinguished himself by sustaining and growing a global consulting footprint through the years.

And we complained.  Like two old men down at the park.

“Things have changed.”

“There’s not much value […]

New today: Michael Jackson, George Bush and Susan Boyle

DISTRICT LINE — What ever happened to ‘new’?  Where is our sense of adventure?  Where are the new faces and voices of the future?

Here we are, 11 months into a new decade and we’re still talking about some of the least interesting characters of the 80s, 90s and Noughties.


Exhausted Britain

PICCADILLY CIRCUS — There’s a nicely dressed lady sitting in front of me on the bus – hair done, Dolce glasses.  And she keeps falling asleep.  It’s 7:50 am.  And she’s on her way to work like the rest of us.

I am nervous for her neck, which keeps snapping.  We don’t have the natural dexterity of a Pez dispenser.

I […]

Research says we want a ‘job for life': so, do you want to be Queen or Pope?

LONDON — There’s a great report out now from my old mates at Towers Watson. It’s called the Global Worksforce Survey. They do it every year, and it has lots of interesting stuff in it.

[Although don’t be fooled into trying to order it from here– you’ll get a […]

John Lewis & Co-op are not numpties

DISTRICT LINE — I love the way that the mainstream of public discourse can so easily reject different approaches as silly. I didn’t see the show on John Lewis last Wednesday — Inside John Lewis. A friend of mine did though. And he says they were painted […]