Providers of executive education

LONDON — I’ve just been reading about a company that offers “custom executive education” and does so very successfully around the world.

It’s an interesting business.  We were talking to the good people at BraveNewTalent about the subject yesterday. 

How do companies get talented people to learn and grow at […]

Proof of life: 5 things to do today to better your Internal Comms

LATE IN LONDON — We like lists and in recent times this blog may have been harder on Internal Communicators than is deserved.

So here are a few things that you can do in a single day.  They will advance your case, secure your reputation and make your organisation more successful.

1. Create a six month plan on one page

Put […]

HR Communications

THE BOROUGH POOLS — There’s nothing quite as much fun as a good old fashioned disagreement.  And there’s one going on today on our LinkedIn Group (Change Management and Internal Communications).

Must be serious, right?

Yup.  It’s about whether company newsletters have had their day.

Often it’s the most out-dated and obtuse […]

“I don’t want to go to school…”

CROMWELL ROAD — There was a little girl with her dad on the bus today.  She cried the whole trip.

“I don’t like the teachers…!  I don’t want to go…!  I want my MOMMY…!!” 

That kind of crying that is so deep and, after a while, so filled with mucus that breathing is affected.

The adults shifted uncomfortably.  Because half […]

Internal communications is like a cereal box

KENSINGTON — There’s not much that is ‘commercial’ in my house.  Maybe a few dozen old newspapers with adverts in them.  A poster on a child’s wall that promotes a museum or a football team.  One doesn’t expect to be sold to at home.

However there is one exception: the cereal boxes.

We’ve got seven of them.  All different.  All placed at […]

Do you know where your employees are?

KINGHTSBRIDGE — Years ago when Johnny Carson was the host of America’s long-running Tonight Show, NBC got a call from a distressed lady…

Through the dark window behind Carson that looked out onto a sleeping LA, she could see her errant husband stuck on […]

Foxconn, Apple's iPad and more desperate calls for help

BROMPTON ROAD — The story won’t go away.  Although coverage might have lightened today.  The 13 different Chinese 18-24 year-olds who have tried to kill themselves this year are not going unnoticed.  Most of them died.  But the world outside Shenzhen in southern China has paid […]

Foxconn and the workers committing suicide while making Apple iPads, Dell, Nokia and HP components

CHELSEA — Foxconn is a Taiwanese company you have probably never heard of.  And yet they have 800,000 employees.  They employ 2,000 singers, dancers and gym trainers to entertain them. They put 6,000 pigs to the knife every day to feed their 400,000 employees on one site.  That site covers 1.2 […]

Research says we want a ‘job for life': so, do you want to be Queen or Pope?

LONDON — There’s a great report out now from my old mates at Towers Watson. It’s called the Global Worksforce Survey. They do it every year, and it has lots of interesting stuff in it.

[Although don’t be fooled into trying to order it from here– you’ll get a […]

Good business, bad business: John Terry and sex at work

PICCADILLY LINE — Sometimes you have to wonder if they say these things just to wind up the Brits. UEFA and FIFA officials that is.

Sepp Blatter, the president of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has commented on the England football […]