Quebec: Lost for words

LONDON — Like being on holiday when your house is broken into, watching politics unfold in my home town of Montreal and across the province of Quebec is unhealthy.  You imagine things that aren’t true.  You worry about what might have happened, and hold out hope in vain for things that might not.

Then the reality is both better and worse […]

2012: A year of change

MARYLEBONE — This year is a big year of change. In technology, in the world economy, the world of sport, even in the way all our countries are run.  There are elections in America, France, India…

What is more significant in a country than a change of government?

And that’s what is promised in India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Serbia,  Kuwait, El Salvador, The […]

Heart and Seoul: Why I want to work in Korea

LONDON — It’s been hard not to think about Korea this week.  But I have different things on my mind.  Not the loss of a dictator.  Not the worry that still has South Korean’s practicing evacuations like WWII Britain and Cold War America.

I am thinking about Korea’s fertile business culture and the country’s uncanny ability to reinvent itself, rebuild and […]

Sorry, Sir Richard, that’s not it…


SOUTH KENSINGTON — There was a piece in the Independent yesterday about Sir Richard Branson’s “three point plan” to get the UK economy going.

Unfortunately the plan is completely pants.

I wish it weren’t, but it […]

Leadership: we’re all relying on it while we sleep


PICADILLY CIRCUS — Looks like the sun might actually come up in London today.  That’s a relief.  And one of my biggest concerns.  Yesterday was dark and I can’t handle that.

So, how lucky am I?  That trivial issues like that concern me?

Yesterday umpteen decisions were made that affect all of our lives and futures.  Not just in London, New York […]

Change is good, and people like it

EDGWARE ROAD — Yesterday we were lucky enough to have a booth and a speaking spot at an event called “Reorganising Government” at the exceptional QEII Conference Centre.

It was filled with public sector employees facing mergers, takeovers and dissolution. They were a […]

Bob Diamond, Boris and Joan Donaldson: We need cycling rules in London

TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD — Twenty years ago I was trying to decide what to do with my life, and had set up a meeting with Joan Donaldson.  This modest woman of the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) was just about to go live with […]

Election question: Can we make UK a great-place-to-work?

LONDON — It’s an interesting question. Are we already? Could we be more so?

Clearly the UK is a desirable place to work, because people come here and stay. It is a sought-after spot for foreign postings. But in spite of much talk from various parties about the importance of highly skilled workers, I think that questions […]

UK election: A fashion show, if you let it

FULHAM ROAD — I didn’t watch the three ‘Chancellors’ debate last night. The UK’s equivalent of party Finance supremos were on Channel 4 talking about the future. The […]

Copenhagen: Pay attention, communicate and change behaviour

EARL’S COURT — There’s a polar bear melting in Trafalgar Square. (There’s one in Copenhagen too.) Somehow, all of my family saw it this weekend. Except me.

One child reported back that the key thing is that […]