The joys of restructuring, efficiency and cost-cutting

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How much do those words strike fear into the hearts of the average executive? Why? Shouldn’t we be enthusiastic about organisations that are willing to change? Experience has always shown we have to constantly adapt to survive‎. And many companies now try to get ahead of … Read More

Human Factors: Why your change and transformation programme failed

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LONDON 30 MAY 2014 — Why do change programmes ‎fail to deliver the intended value? Why do so many good programme managers and technically gifted change managers continue to under-perform when it comes to delivering the benefits of transformations? People. That’s the simplest of answers. People … Read More

Pfizer and AstraZeneca learn about the need for Change Management

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LONDON — Fifteen years ago I worked on the merger of Astra and Zeneca pharmaceuticals. In those days the companies were riding high. Largely driven by strong patent controls and very generous US marketplace. The development, marketing and sales of “blockbuster” medicines, such as Losec (or … Read More

Our unique proposition

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LONDON — When organisations set out to improve their operations they can project how the changes will add real value to their business. However in most cases they do not achieve all the benefits that the changes promised. This is the story in almost every business … Read More

“Google becomes GE”: The changing shape of businesses

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LONDON — This morning’s Financial Times asks whether Google has become our century’s GE. Is Google really “emerging as the dominant consumer technology company of the early 21st century”?  And if so, what does that mean for business in the 21st Century. 1. Transient megastars Although … Read More

Windows 8 changes Microsoft — have they learned from New Coke?

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LONDON — In newspapers this week Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is quoted on his “bet the company” moment.  Last year, his firm, Microsoft, launched Windows 8, a new operating system, and didn’t include the company’s well understood “start” button. This week they’ve announced that they’ll redress … Read More

Pope Francis: The opportunities of a new CEO

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LONDON — This past 10 days we saw the investiture of both a new Pope and a new Archbishop of Canterbury (the heads of the Catholic and Anglican Christian churches).  That doesn’t happen very often. In both instances they run traditional institutions facing substantial challenges and changes. … Read More

Hogan Lovells: A few words of support for Andrew McGinty

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LONDON — It’s a silly time for news stories. But everyone seems to love a “bad business” story. So I feel sorry for Lovells’ man in China. He sent out a note to try to rally his senior staff and get them into the office on … Read More

Is Corporate Communications going to disappear?

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LONDON — Recent analysis or Corporate Communications functions provides some surprising insights. Something has happened to Corporate Communications.  Not only are times changing but time has changed the function. Its future is now in doubt.  And while that news is sobering, it is not necessarily the … Read More

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